Prager: Masks Represent “Fear And Blind Obedience”

Dennis Prager writes in today’s syndicated column:

When I see people walking outside, often alone with no one anywhere near them, wearing a mask, my primary reactions are disappointment and sadness. I never thought most Americans would be governed by irrational fears and unquestioning obedience to authority.

Had you told me a year ago that nearly every American in nearly every metropolitan area would cover their faces for over a year because one man, one political party and the media told them to, I would have responded that you underestimate the strength of the American character.

But here we are, over a year later, and where I live (the Los Angeles area), I am usually the only person on the street not wearing a mask. On the rare occasions I pass people not wearing a mask, I thank and praise them.

Prager last appeared on JMG when he declared that there was “no insurrection” at the US Capitol. Before that, he raged that President Obama has “zero masculinity.” We also heard from him when he claimed that if the left really cared about black people, they’d tell them to “elevate their moral standards.” And prior to that, he appeared here when he lamented that nobody says “Negro” anymore and that he can’t use the N-word.