Pompeo Urges Proselytizing At The Workplace: Talking To Coworkers About Jesus Helps Makes America Better

“First, speak your faith. Talk about this with your friends at work. Make this something that is a topic of conversation. Let them know how you think America needs to proceed. When we do that as faithful servants of the Lord, we have every opportunity to make America better.

“Second, live it. Run for the school board, join the PTA, underwrite an organization like this one or another great organization that is promoting religious freedom and the values that we care about.

“Finally … elections do have consequences … if we can gain control of the Senate and House, in addition to more governorships and more state legislatures, the risk that the Biden administration will be able to undermine the things that we hold most dear will be greatly reduced.” – Mike Pompeo, speaking to hate group leader Tony Perkins.