Perkins: Nestle And Mars Want To “Wipe Out” Freedom

Via email from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

In a stunning op-ed for USA Today, branch chiefs for Mars and Nestle announced Wednesday that they’re coming for your kids in any state that’s fighting for girls’ sports or age limits on gender transition.

We will “use our influence,” they warn, to crush fair competition, protections for children, and even religious freedom. And they’re calling on every CEO in America to join them.

They gush over Governor Asa Hutchinson’s (R-Ark. ) cowardly veto of Arkansas’s SAFE Act and urge other states to follow his example. It’s “draconian,” they insist, to outlaw gender mutilation for kids or stop biological boys from competing against girls.

If states don’t agree, then they think companies need to get in the political trenches and fight them. Then, when they’re done with that, they can move on to wiping out freedom altogether by advocating “for the swift passage of Equality Act.”

Make sure you’re voicing your opinion with any company that’s stepping outside of their lane to attack your values.

Email Nestle and Mars or tweet them @Nestle and @MarsGlobal and tell them to stop this deadly game of transgender activism for children.