Perkins: Big Business Wants To “Override Democracy”

Via email from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

A cartel is formed when business leaders conspire together on how to force people to pay the prices they demand. But what is it called when CEOs conspire to force people to play by their rules on voting, not prices?

English has no word for it because American corporations have never attempted to override American democracy — until now.

Over the weekend, nearly 100 top corporate leaders convened a brain trust on how they could work to oppose election security laws like the one Georgia just passed.

The list included big players like Delta, American, and United Airlines; Starbucks; Target; LinkedIn; Levi Strauss; Coca-Cola; Major League Baseball; UPS; the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons, AMC Theaters; and more.

State governments are responsible for safeguarding elections, and I don’t remember any nationwide referendum to reassign that responsibility to corporate leaders.

As important as one-percenters consider themselves, they just don’t get to usurp authority from state governments or obliterate the people’s voice.