ATL Paper: QAnon Rep Lied About Business Experience

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:

“Jobs, Jobs, Jobs,” was the top bullet point in her rollout platform, followed by “Advocate for Business: Never vote for tax increases, always fight burdensome regulations.”

The packaging of Marjorie Taylor Greene as a successful businesswoman helped bring the political outsider into the Republican fold, as people in the 14th Congressional District brushed off criticism of Greene’s past support of QAnon and online posts that trafficked in right-wing conspiracies and advocated violence against Democrats.

Greene’s business record, however, is one of the least examined aspects of her life. An Atlanta Journal-Constitution review found that while the Trump acolyte touted her experience as a construction company executive running her family business, there’s little evidence of her involvement in the company’s operations.

Read the full article. It’s not at all surprising, but at least this deep dive into her past might hurt her reelection chances.