Ontario Stiffens Province-Wide Month-Long Lockdown

Blog Toronto reports:

The Ontario government just officially declared another state of emergency and has issued a new stay-at-home order for the entire province, beginning this Thursday, April 8, as of 12:01 a.m.

Premier Doug Ford announced the news Wednesday afternoon, as expected, stating that “there’s no doubt that this third wave has been different from anything we’ve faced so far. The risks are greater, and the stakes are higher.”

Under the new stay-at-home order, which will last for four weeks, all non-essential retailers must close for in-person shopping. Big box stores can stay open with strict safety measures in place, but only for essential items.

The Ottawa Citizen reports:

“To boil it down as simple as possible, folks, please, unless it’s for an essential reason, please stay home. The situation is extremely serious now and we need to hunker down. We need to limit mobility.”

The new restrictions follow a decision last week to impose a four-week provincewide shutdown that put an end to short-lived indoor and outdoor dining and lowered capacity for retail establishments as well as indoor and outdoor gatherings.