New York To Repeal Cuomo’s “Food With Booze” Order

NY1 reports:

The state legislature is moving to repeal a requirement that forces bar and restaurant customers to order food with their drink orders. The rule was imposed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo at the height of the pandemic last year, and quickly got attacked by critics as arbitrary and not based in science. Some restaurants and bars began asking customers to buy bags of chips with their drinks, which came to be known as “Cuomo chips.”

The New York Times reports:

For months, New Yorkers were compelled to pair their beer or cocktail order with microwaveable hot dogs, barely cooked grilled cheeses, hastily-prepared peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and, of course, “Cuomo chips.” On Tuesday, many on social media were in a jocular and nostalgic mood as they bade farewell to the restriction and the eclectic food items they had been forced to order to enjoy an alcoholic drink over the past nine months.