MyPillow Nutbag To Appear On Jimmy Kimmel After Days Of Roasting Over His Social Media Site [VIDEO]

The Hill reports:

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell will appear on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” next week, the late night host announced on the show Wednesday. “Hey Siri, set a reminder,” Kimmel quipped, “Next Wednesday night, we will be visited in studio by the My Pillow man himself, Mike Lindell.”

After announcing the interview, Kimmel played a clip of Lindell talking about the upcoming appearance on “Frank,” the entrepreneur’s recently created social media channel. “Oh, this is breaking news here on Frank,” Lindell said on the clip. “I’m, wow. I’m open to it and I did promise them all, they’re going to get My Pillows in the audience.”

Read the full article. If you haven’t seen Kimmel’s latest takedown of Lindell, do so now. It’s the second clip below.