Lindell’s Social Media Platform To Launch April 20th

The Insider reports:

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has said that his social-media site Frank is launching on April 20 after a series of delays.

Lindell first announced his plans to launch the site in early March after being barred from Twitter for spreading election-related conspiracy theories. He said he had been working on the site for four years.

Lindell initially planned to call the platform Vocl, but the name soon became Frank after lawyers for the company Creatd, which owns a website called Vocal, said that Lindell could face a lawsuit if he refused to change the name.

Read the full article. As was reported earlier today, Lindell’s site will not allow “cursing, lying, or taking the Lord’s name in vain.” You also won’t be allowed to make “false claims” about people he likes. Because free speech. Lindell has boasted that Frank will be impervious to hacking attempts, thrilling hackers everywhere.