Kraken Lawyer Lin Wood: Clintons, Obamas, Bushes, And Bidens Are All “Involved In Child Sex Trafficking”

“They’ve accused me of being a QAnon conspiracy theorist. Why? Because they’re telling you that I’m a bad messenger. They’re trying to attack me because they can’t attack Q. Because Q is the truth! This is about the children, for God’s sake!

“Send this videotape – send it to Hollywood. Hey Clay, send it to the House of Windsor. Hey Clay, send it to Bill Gates. Send it to the damn Illuminati! Let them hear the truth and whatever they do to me, I don’t fear them at all. Send it to the Vatican!

“Send it to the politicians, the Clintons, the Obamas, the Bidens, the Bushes. Send it to those people because they are involved in child sex trafficking. It’s time to the tell the truth to America!” – Lin Wood, earning wild applause from a massive Tulsa audience of QAnon nutbags.