Kraken Lawyer Brings Chaos To SC GOP Meeting

The Charleston Post & Courier reports:

Chaos erupted at the Charleston County GOP meeting when attorney Lin Wood pushed conspiracy theories that Donald Trump won the 2020 election. It was part of Wood’s pitch to replace S.C. Republican Party Chairman Drew McKissick next month.

Every time Wood talked about how Trump was actually president, many in the room erupted in applause. Other stayed silent.

Maurice Washington, chairman of the Charleston County GOP, interjected multiple times reminding the crowd to be respectful of opposing viewpoints when members began to shout at each other about the November election results.

Read the full article. In February, Wood became a legal resident of South Carolina and bought a $16 million estate near Beaufort, per the Charleston paper. Should you have forgotten, Wood has said that Jeffrey Epstein is still alive, that Mike Pence should be executed, that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts is a cannibal and pedophile, and on and on and on.