Insurrectionist GOP Rep Seeks To Shut Down OnlyFans

The Daily Beast reports:

Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar paints himself as a free speech advocate, but he’s never seen a sex worker he didn’t want to censor. This week, Gosar, the GOP author of the “Stop Censorship Act of 2020,” penned a letter begging Attorney General Merrick Garland to shut down OnlyFans and investigate the porn platform for violating the Mann Act. Known as the “white-slave” law, the 1910 law forbids paying to transport women over state lines for prostitution.

Gosar falsely believes that, “On this site, individuals can advertise their willingness to travel across state lines for illegal or immoral activities, and the platform providing publicity for these individuals appears to subsidize and capitalize off this travel. It is worth investigating this issue further.” To prosecute OnlyFans, Garland would have to prove the company intended users to organize prostitution over state lines.

Read the full article. As you’ll see at the link, OnlyFans has rules to block attempts at prostitution that Facebook and Instagram do not.