Homocon Charged In Riot Sends “Woe Is Me” Letter

Via email from charged riot suspect Brandon Straka:

Dear Patriot Family, Lately I’ve started to feel my mind go kind of numb on certain days. It’s been very jarring to go from being non-stop busy and on-the-go like I was to feeling rendered almost useless sometimes. Now don’t get me wrong. I know that that’s not true in any permanent kind of sense. But I’m doing as much as I am able to do everyday right now, and it just doesn’t feel like even close to enough.

It’s now been months since I’ve been able to do regular live videos, create new content to put out, do regular media interviews (which I was doing many, many times a week), plan and execute new events, travel and meet all of you. I don’t want to lose any pep. But this road has been long. It’s starting to feel too long and it’s not even over.

But I know I must stay focused. I know that God didn’t bring us this far to abandon us. That is never the case. So, the lesson for today is that we must all stay resilient, mission driven, and focused. Even if that means that for the present so many of our plans must be kept temporarily on hold.

Some days I’m feeling that I have to fight harder than others to stay grounded and to continue knowing that for right now my place is to step back and stay low until things work out. It’s been 71 days since this nightmare began for me. But I know I will be strong and make it to the finish line. The truth will prevail. Let’s all continue to pray for strength, unity, and firm resolve to pick up where we left off once all of this is behind us.

The email closes with a plea to “send checks” to a rented mailbox in Spanish Harlem, even though a crowdfunded “legal defense” drive has raised over $178,000. At last report, Straka has been ordered to remain at his parents’ home in Nebraska pending his first court hearing.