Hate Groups Launch “Stop Corporate Tyranny” Site

Via press release:

A coalition of conservative and evangelical thought leaders opposed to corporate activism, has launched a new website: StopCorporateTyranny.org. It is dedicated to exposing left-wing activism with corporations and educating conservative Christians about how it can be opposed.

The website is a hub for updates, information, and resources for normal investors who are troubled by the growing trend of explicit corporate activism. It includes articles highlighting recent examples of woke capital and will call attention to campaigns to push-back against corporate politics.

“Free speech is under attack like never before. Activists are weaponizing Big Tech and other corporations as an arm of cancel culture,” said Jeremy Tedesco, senior counsel and SVP of communications at the Alliance Defending Freedom.

See the website here. Listed partners include Liberty University, Tea Party Patriots, and nutbag E.W. Jackson’s hate group.