Hate Group Alliance Pledges To Reject Big Tech Money: Their Censorship “Threatens Our American Democracy”

From Brent Bozell’s Newsbusters site:

Big Tech has gone too far and its abuses are corrupting our government and elections. We members of the Free Speech Alliance call on every conservative leader and organization to reject any financial support from Big Tech or their surrogates. Including, but not limited to Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and Apple.

For the last several years, Silicon Valley has grown more powerful and they are abusing that power by censoring conservative thought, individuals, and organizations. Through their deliberate censorship, Big Tech prevented a president from communicating with his voters during an election.

As a result of Big Tech’s overt liberal agenda, they are censoring entire movements, like the right to life movement. Finally, they are actively censoring conservative leaders simply for voicing their beliefs.

Big Tech’s power over our public dialogue is a threat to our American democracy. This must stop. This problem will not get better until conservatives draw a line in the sand and reject the toxic influence of Big Tech cash. Big Tech money is political toxic waste.

Signing the pledge are Tony Perkins, Mat Staver, Brian Brown, Bill Donohue, Austin Ruse, Sandy Rios, Gary Bauer, and a shitload of other haters you’ve never heard of.

Two politicians are on the list: Texas GOP chairman Allen West and former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

Brent Bozell’s son, not incidentally, has been charged with storming the US Capitol.