GOP Rep To Sue Over Fines For Evading Metal Detectors

Roll Call reports:

Rep. Andrew Clyde says he will go to federal court to fight $15,000 in fines he incurred for dodging security screening at the entrance to the House floor. On Monday, the House Ethics Committee announced it upheld both fines the Georgia Republican was assessed for eluding the magnetometers.

Clyde was cited for “deliberately” avoiding security screening by the Capitol Police on two occasions, the first on Feb. 5 and the second on Feb. 8, according to the Ethics panel. Clyde said Monday in a statement announcing his intentions, “I will take my case to federal court where I am confident justice will be served.”

Read the full article. Last month Clyde declared that he purposely evaded the metal detector in order to be fined and therefore have standing to sue Nancy Pelosi. All is going according to his plan, apparently. Clyde, a freshman, had gotten no national attention since taking office in January, hence this stunt.