GOP Cultist: I’m Refusing The Vaccine To Own The Libs

Peter D’Abrosca writes for American Greatness:

I’m not really avoiding the vaccine due to potential medical complications, or because of the speed with which it was produced. Personal liberty is not the reason I’m avoiding it, either. I’m not a member of the “don’t tread on me” club. Though I don’t think mandated “vaccine passports” are a brilliant idea, my refusal to take the vaccine is not related to some perceived or real government overreach.

My primary reason for refusing the vaccine is much simpler: I dislike the people who want me to take it, and it makes them mad when they hear about my refusal. That, in turn, makes me happy. Maybe it’s petty, but the thought of the worst people on planet earth, those whom I like to call the Branch Covidians, literally shaking as I stroll into Target vaccine-free, makes me smile.

Last year D’Abrosca ran for the US House in North Carolina on a platform of ending all immigration for ten years, but his candidacy was canceled by the state board of elections for failing to meet filing deadlines. His call to suspend all immigration (“legal and illegal”) earned him an appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show.