Giuliani’s Son Seeks Trump’s Nod For NY Governor

CNN reports:

Andrew Giuliani, the son of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and a former public liaison official inside the Trump White House, will meet with the former President at Mar-a-Lago next week as he finalizes his plans to launch a campaign for New York governor.

“I will be down there next week for a two to three-day swing where we’ll be meeting with donors, interviewing potential staff and speaking to the former President,” Giuliani, who has spoken with Trump three times since news of his gubernatorial ambitions first broke earlier this month, told CNN in an interview Tuesday.

“From a self-interest standpoint, I want the President to be as involved as he wants to be, but I would still advise him to keep his powder dry and not make a decision on who to support until we get to the fall or next winter,” he added.

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