Gaetz Tweet Compares NYT To “East German Stasi”

From the Revolver piece tweeted today by Matt Gaetz:

Is Gaetz guilty of a crime? Right now, nobody has produced any evidence of one. On the other hand, there is ample evidence the story is more complicated than the Times originally reported. It’s also possible that, like with the Russian collusion hoax, these spectacular allegations are just an excuse for an all-purpose fishing expedition, which could be used to justify a politically-motivated prosecution for “lying to federal investigators.”

But another possibility exists: The attack against Gaetz is an act of “Zersetzung,” a tactic for crushing dissent invented by the East German Stasi secret police. The attack itself is so salacious that it hardly even matters if it is true. Planting the seed of doubt is intended to damage Gaetz for life. The whole point of such attacks is to end his potential political future, and prevent him from ever working again.