Franklin Graham Wins Ruling Over Banned UK Ads

The BBC reports:

A council breached human rights when it banned adverts for an evangelical Christian event, a court has ruled. Blackpool Borough Council and Blackpool Transport Services removed bus adverts in 2018 for an event in the resort featuring preacher Franklin Graham. Judge Claire Evans said the move disregarded “the right to freedom of expression”.

Despite protests and an attempt to bar him from entering the country, Mr Graham hosted an evangelical rally at Blackpool Winter Gardens in 2018. When asked about his views at the time by the BBC, Mr Graham said he believes “marriage is for a man and a woman and that is what the Bible teaches us”, adding same-sex weddings were a “sin”.

Read the full article. Reports don’t mention any penalty for the ban. In late October 2020, Graham also sued multiple UK venues for canceling his tour appearances. Those cases remain pending.