Fox Financial Guru Sued, Ex-Staffer Alleges Workplace Edict That COVID Precautions Are Against “God’s Favor”

Religion News Service reports:

The company owned by Christian personal finance adviser and radio host Dave Ramsey is being sued for alleged religious discrimination and misrepresentation. A complaint filed Thursday (April 15) in a county court alleges the Lampo Group, which does business as Ramsey Solutions, was run as a “religious cult” and required employees to give “complete and total submission to Dave Ramsey and his views of the world to maintain employment.”

Ramsey, whose Financial Peace University materials on personal finances are used by churches nationwide, is also named as a defendant. The complaint also alleges Ramsey’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic put employees and their families at risk. Lawyers for Brad Amos, a former Ramsey Solutions video editor, alleged their client was fired by the company because he objected to Ramsey’s views on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read the full article. The lawsuit alleges that Amos was fired for failing to adhere to Ramsey’s edict that prayer was the only COVID precaution needed, and that taking other actions makes one “fall out of God’s favor.”

Ramsey has called people who wear masks “wusses” and forbidden his employees from working from home.

Earlier this month Ramsey boasted that he can fire people for just about any reason, including having green eyes.

Ramsey is currently suing a Florida hotel, claiming the property cost him millions because he canceled a convention there over their mask policy.

Ramsey once hosted a show on Fox Business and regularly appears there as a commentator.

His company recently lost its coveted “Best Workplaces” award after he was sued by another employee after he fired her for having had premarital sex.