Florida Governor Sued Over New “Anti-Riot” Law

Click 2 Orlando reports:

A social justice group has filed a lawsuit against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and others two days after the Republican signed a bill to create tougher penalties for people who participate in violent protests.

The nonprofit group Legacy Entertainment & Arts Foundation filed the lawsuit Wednesday in Orlando federal court, according to court records.

It argues the new law violates First Amendment protections for free speech, Eighth Amendment protections against cruel and unusual punishment and 14th Amendment protections of due process.

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Spectrum News Tampa reports:

The bill does more than just define a riot. It also makes it more difficult for local governments to reduce law enforcement budgets; opens local governments up to lawsuits if its deemed they failed to stop a riot; and allows those arrested for ‘rioting’ to be held in jail until their initial court appearance.

Critics long argued during the legislative process the measure was unconstitutional and was seen as an effort to suppress the speech of minorities. The governor and the Republican-controlled Florida Legislature made passing the effort a top priority.