FBI Collars Riot Suspect Thanks To His TikTok Videos

Minneapolis’s ABC News reports:

FBI special agents arrested Jonah Westbury, 26, of Lindstrom, on Friday. According to the statement of facts linked to his arrest, the FBI received tips from two separate people within days of the riot in Washington, D.C.

The day after the attack, one person who said they went to high school with the suspect told the FBI they had seen him inside the Capitol in videos posted to social media, first on TikTok.

The source said they also came across a video on Twitter that had originally been posted to Snapchat in which Westbury narrated his foray into the Capitol.

The Washington Post reports:

“We made it. This is our house!” he is seen saying in a video selfie recorded moments after throngs of rioters broke into the Capitol, the bureau said. “We got pepper-sprayed, got abused …” he continues, before the video abruptly ends.

In a different video, also taken inside the Capitol, Westbury announces: “First time in the Capitol. First time in the Capitol … I’m proud of every fucking one of you,” court documents show.