Family Of Killed QAnon Rioter To Sue Police For $10M

Newsweek reports:

The family of Ashli Babbitt—the only person shot during the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol—plans to sue the U.S. Capitol Police department, and the officer who shot her, for at least $10 million, their attorney said. The civil suit follows a decision by federal prosecutors not to seek criminal charges against a police lieutenant whose single shot killed Babbitt.

Smartphone video shows Babbitt being struck in the shoulder and falling back onto a patterned marble floor, bleeding. Police quickly summoned medical help and evacuated her on a stretcher. She was pronounced dead at Washington Hospital Center, leaving behind a husband, Aaron, and four younger brothers.

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From my January report:

Babbitt supported the violent pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy theory, according to her Twitter account. She quoted “Q,” the anonymous figure behind QAnon, which falsely claims Democrats and other opponents of President Trump are Satanic pedophiles, in an Aug. 21 tweet, writing: “It is going to be biblical – Q.”