Falwell Attempting Comeback At Liberty University

Politico reports:

“Congratulations on an exciting 14-9 win over NCAA team from Walsh University in North Canton, OH!” Falwell wrote on Instagram on March 13, beneath photos of a Liberty lacrosse game and himself in the stands with daughter and wife, Becki. “Didn’t realize LaCrosse was so much fun to watch.”

The posting struck some in the Liberty community as the first step in an attempted comeback — an assertion that, despite having sued the university for having removed him as president in the wake of questions about his personal life and financial dealings, he still considers Liberty his home turf, now and forever.

In an interview, Falwell said nothing to discourage that notion. The 58-year-old son of the late Rev. Jerry Falwell Sr. said he has been suffering from blood clots since last fall but plans to “definitely” have more of a presence on campus as his health continues to recover.

Read the full article. Falwell claims the university now admits they caved to the “Twitter mob.”