Erickson Calls For Expanding US House To 1000 Seats

Via email from syndicated columnist Erick Erickson:

The census numbers are out. Texas is going to gain two seats. Florida will gain a seat. So too will North Carolina. New York will lose one. California will stay the same. But the overall number in the United States House of Representatives will remain at 435.

The House has been fixed at 435 members for too long. As the nation is now 350 million people, we are no longer a nation of laws made by representatives of the people, but representatives of the closely connected in DC. We have moved from an era when many people knew their congressman, to an era where too few do.

1000 members would make a nice contrast to the current 100 members in the Senate. It would more than double the size of the House and reduce the number of citizens each representatives represents, putting them closer to those they represent in communities of interest.

Something something small government.