CPAC Parent Launches New Group To Punish All “Woke” Corporations That Dare To Oppose Voter Suppression

Via press release from the American Conservative Union:

On behalf of more than 100 million Americans, The American Conservative Union (ACU) is taking a stand against the increasingly divisive and partisan activism by public corporations and organizations that are caving to “woke” pressure.

We will not stand by as half the country gets silenced, canceled, or shamed for resisting this pressure and choosing instead to value beliefs and traditions that are the bedrock of the greatest nation on earth.

The unprecedented level of anti-Americanism, combined with radical leftist appeasement, makes it necessary for us to tell these activist corporations that their woke politics risk permanently severing the long-standing coalition for limited government between corporations and conservative activists.

Some of today’s most prominent businesses that succumb to pressure from the elite media or radical political organizations are the very same ones that leaned on conservatives to help fight socialism in the past.

We will first demand meetings with CEO’s and board members of egregious corporations and other woke enterprises. If these companies rebuff us, they will suffer the consequences of losing the political support of millions who would gladly advocate for the policies that ensure their profitability.

If these companies continue down this dangerous road of separating themselves from their advocates, we will take additional steps to highlight their support of woke politics.

The ACU puts on the annual CPAC cult fest. As you may recall, CPAC chairman Matt Schlapp has supported and contributed to Trump’s lies about a “stolen election.” His wife Mercedes Schlapp was a senior Trump White House staffer. Matt Schlapp reportedly took $750,000 in fees for lobbying Trump to pardon his clients.