Covidiots Pound On Door Of Michigan School Board

Michigan Live reports:

A group of more than 50 people – most not wearing masks – showed up to the April 15 Hudsonville Board of Education meeting where they planned to present board members with their request to remove mask rules. But because of capacity limits, most of those participants were kept out of Monday’s meeting.

But many parents grew frustrated when they were not allowed into the meeting, and started banging on the doors of the auditorium to be let in.

At one point, the attendees began shouting “let us in” as they banged on the door, until school security guards came out to ask them to go outside. Hudsonville mom Jeanette Schuiteman said she has “deep concerns” about mandating masks at school, which she claimed is “physically not healthy.”

Read the full article. Michigan is in the midst of one the nation’s worst surges of new coronavirus cases.