Chuck Schumer Trolls Cultists With “Plant-Based Beer”

The Huffington Post reports:

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) threw some shade at Donald Trump’s former economic adviser Larry Kudlow on Sunday. It was a reference to a gaffe on Fox Business last week. Kudlow, who joined the network as a host after leaving the White House, was railing against the Green New Deal proposal to combat climate change and falsely claimed it would force an end to America’s consumption of meat, eggs and dairy.

Read the full article. Kudlow claims that Biden will force Americans to celebrate the Fourth of July with “plant-based beer and grilled Brussell sprouts.” His stupid lie was echoed by many cultists, including both QAnon reps, Shitbag Todd Starnes, and Trump Junior. And as the above-linked article notes, all beer is “plant-based.”