California GOP Official Demands To Know If Vaccine Contains “Tracking Device,” Doctor Laughs In His Face

The Orange County Register reports:

After dozens of residents on Tuesday – for the second meeting in a row – urged supervisors to cancel the county’s contract with Composite Apps and alleged that any requirement to show proof of vaccination would infringe on their rights, OC Health Care Agency Director Dr. Clayton Chau a said changes to the Composite Apps’ contract are still being drafted. They said while designing the capability of offering a digital record will be included, it will remain the supervisor’s prerogative whether to ever offer it to the public.

The Daily Beast reports:

“Is there any intention of tracking folks?” Supervisor Don Wagner asked Chau, who replied “Nope.” Undeterred, Wagner went on: “Is there any, in the vaccine, we heard about the injection of a tracking device. Is that being done anywhere in Orange County?” Dr. Chau paused for a second before letting out a laugh and saying: “I’m sorry, I just have to compose myself. There is not a vaccine with a tracking device embedded in it that I know of that exists in the world. Period.”

Watch the clip.