Biden Urges Faith Leaders To Get Behind Vax Outreach

The Washington Post reports:

President Joe Biden acknowledged Thursday a rise in coronavirus cases and asked faith leaders to urge their communities to get vaccinated and to not be too “cavalier” when it comes to social distancing and traveling. “They’re going to listen to your words, more than they are me, as president of the United States,” Biden told the leaders on a Zoom call facilitated by the White House’s Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

“We need you to spread the word, let people in our communities and your community know how important [it] is to get everyone vaccinated when it’s their turn,” Biden said. “And that’s how we’re going to defeat this virus, and that’s how we’re going to come together again in our communities, in our houses of worship. … I think this is the godly thing to do. Protect your brother and sister.”

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