AZ 2020 Vote “Audit” Goes Completely QAnon Crazy

The Arizona Capitol Times reports:

What the Senate election audit lacks in transparency, it makes up for in QAnon conspiracy theories. From the Arizona Senate to the cybersecurity company overseeing the audit of nearly 2.1 million ballots from the November election, everyone involved has said one way or another that they want and hope to be transparent about the process, but to date, there is little evidence to support those claims.

One of QAnon’s rumored leaders, who might be “Q” himself, according to a recent HBO documentary series is Ron Watkins, who does not live in the United States. He has gotten heavily involved with the Maricopa County audit through the instant-messaging app Telegram. Watkins wrote, “Since UV is able to detect oil from fingerprints, if there are no fingerprints on the ballot then the likelihood of the ballot being marked through a non-human process is high.”

Read the full article.  Photo: Arizona Senate President Karen Fann, who hired the nutbags conducting the audit.