VIRAL VIDEO: Notorious Racist Canadian Anti-Masker Slugs Store Owner During Live-Stream Of Protest Stunt

The Canadian Anti-Hate Network reports:

Kevin Johnston, a reactionary anti-Muslim vlogger, who recently made headlines for a racist, anti-Indigenous and anti-Muslim coffee company he started, was arrested outside of a British Columbia grocery store on Thursday. Multiple livestreams show him being refused service, taking the products anyway after throwing a $5 bill on a register belt, and even punching the store owner during an altercation in the parking lot.

Video of the incident outside of a Dawson Creek, BC, No Frills was taken from a few angles. The footage shows the interaction from start to finish. Storie and Johnston approach the store, flanked by two others, identified online as Janelle Haney and Lonny Averill. Johnston regularly streams his unmasked retail stunts, provoking reactions and gleefully participating in confrontations with beleaguered staff. Their mission that day: purchasing a bar of soap.

Read the full article. There’s much more. As you’ll see in the clips, Johnston proclaims that he is making a citizen’s arrest of the store owner before the police take him into custody.

From a 2019 Globe & Mail report:

A self-styled anti-Muslim pundit has been ordered to pay $2.5-million in damages to a Toronto-area restaurateur, in a ruling in which the judge said that hateful internet speech needs to be confronted. Ontario Superior Court Justice Jane Ferguson awarded the multimillion-dollar settlement to Mohamad Fakih, the owner of Paramount Fine Foods, a Lebanese-born businessman who was targeted by two anti-Muslim activists, defendant Kevin J. Johnston and Ranendra (Ron) Banerjee.

The defendant, Mr. Johnston, a one-time mayoral candidate for Mississauga, operates various internet platforms, including a YouTube channel, his own website and now-suspended Facebook and Twitter accounts. “Mr. Johnston profits from the promotion of hatred,” the judge said in her ruling, noting that he solicited donations, sold “anti-Muslim paraphernalia” and took paid speaking engagements where he uttered anti-Muslim statements.

According to first report linked above, Johnston has boasted that he will never pay the judgement.