Video Released In Second Arrest Of Ms. “Face Diaper”

Houston’s ABC News affiliate reports:

While a takedown to the floor wasn’t necessary, police body camera video of a maskless woman being arrested for the second time in six days showed her in the middle of a recitation of her “rights” inside an Office Depot store in Texas City.

However, much like her previous arrest at a Bank of America branch in Galveston, the woman, who police identified as 65-year-old Terry Lynn Wright, had showed some resistance when an officer slapped handcuffs on her Wednesday.

The woman stood at the checkout area of the Office Depot on Emmett F. Lowry Expressway loudly reading off of a phone. “Ma’am, if you refuse to leave, you’re going to go to jail for trespassing,” the officer tells Wright. “These are my federal rights,” Wright retorts. “You’re in violation of the law.”

Read the full article. I’ve cued up the clip below to just before the latest arrest. The first half of the clip is the arrest in Galveston.