Texas GOP Shrugs Off Lynching Rant By Rep. Chip Roy: What About That Time Eric Swalwell Slept With A Spy?

Via press release from Texas GOP chair Allen West:

Congressman Chip Roy’s comments were inappropriate and unfortunate, no one should infer hanging as a metaphor. While his comments about hanging were dumb, they’re not grounds for resignation.

I would advise that the Texas Democrat Party Chairman read American history and remember lynching was a Democrat Party tool of violence and intimidation against Blacks. I know, personally, having grown up in the South.

If we want to talk about resignations, let’s start with two Democrat members of Congress, Eric Swalwell, and Cori Bush. One had intimate relations with a Chinese spy, the other led a domestic terrorist attack in St. Louis.

The Democrat hypocrisy is laughable, as always. My recommendation to Congressman Chip Roy would be to engage the brain before firing the mouth, it would avoid embarrassing situations such as this.

Congressman Roy should not resign, and the Democrat Party shouldn’t make mountains out of molehills, especially when their own backyard looks like the Rocky Mountains.