South Dakota AG Pleads Not Guilty In Fatal Crash

Law & Crime reports:

Embattled South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg on Friday pleaded not guilty to three misdemeanors related to a deadly car crash in Sept. 2020. Ravnsborg struck and killed Joseph Boever, 55, but claimed he thought he hit a deer. Boever’s body wasn’t discovered until the next day.

Investigators confronted Ravnsborg, a Republican, with evidence he was reading websites containing conspiracy theories about President Joe Biden on his phone right before the impact.

Ravnsborg signed papers to indicate he understood his statutory and constitutional rights. He is charged with (1) operating a motor vehicle while using a mobile electronic device; (2) improper lane driving; and (3) careless driving.

Read the full article. Ravnsborg didn’t even have to appear in court because the charges are low-level misdemeanors. The victim’s went through Ravnsborg’s windshield, something investigators realized when they found the victim’s glasses inside the car.