Sheriff’s Office Sorry For “Bad Day” Comment On Killer

NBC News reports:

An Atlanta-area sheriff’s office on Thursday said it regrets “any heartache” caused by the comments of a department spokesman who said the suspect in the spa shootings that left eight people dead was having a “bad day.”

The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office acknowledged that comments Wednesday by Capt. Jay Baker were “construed as insensitive,” but the department insisted “they were not intended to disrespect any of the victims, the gravity of this tragedy, or express empathy or sympathy for the suspect.”

Baker said the suspect told investigators “he was fed up, at the end of his rope” and that he “had a bad day, and this is what he did.” Later Wednesday, it was revealed that Baker last March had shared a Facebook posting that promoted anti-Asian t-shirts.

Read the full article. Baker has deleted his Facebook page but so far there’s no apology for the shirts.