Right Wingers File Hatch Act Complaint Against Fudge

Axios reports:

A conservative group is filing a Hatch Act complaint against Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Marcia Fudge for political comments she made at the White House last week.

The group, Americans for Public Trust, is signaling that it will use the Hatch Act, which forbids overt political activities by senior federal employees, to cause potential ethics problems for President Biden’s Cabinet.

At the White House briefing last week, Fudge offered her commentary on who might be a good 2022 Senate candidate in her home state of Ohio and mentioned two Democrats: Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley and Rep. Tim Ryan.

Read the full article. As Axios notes, over a dozen Trump administration staffers regularly violated the Hatch Act with zero repercussions. Kellyanne Conway and Peter Navarro were the most flagrant violators. Then-Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows once declared, “Nobody really cares.”