POLL: 69% Say They Have Been Or Will Get Vaccinated

The Pew Research Center reports:

As COVID-19 vaccine production and administration efforts in the U.S. continue to ramp up, a new Pew Research survey finds public intent to get vaccinated is on the rise. Overall, 19% of adults say they have already received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine.

Another 50% say they definitely or probably plan to get vaccinated. Taken together, 69% of the public intends to get a vaccine – or already has – up significantly from 60% who said they planned to get vaccinated in November.

A large majority of Democrats and Democratic leaners (83%) intend to get vaccinated or have already received a vaccine, up 14 points since November.

There has been a more modest 6-point increase among Republicans and Republican leaners (from 50% to 56%). As a result, the partisan gap has grown from 19 points in November to 27 points in the current survey.

Read the full survey. There’s a lot there.