Perkins Attacks Noem For Not Being Anti-Trans Enough

Via email from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

Until this week, a lot of people believed Governor Kristi Noem (R-S.D.) was built in Trump’s same mold: fearless in the face of controversy. So imagine everyone’s disappointment when the woman who promised to sign an enormously popular bill buckled at the first sign of opposition.

Maybe, as some have said, Governor Noem fell prey to bad advice. Or maybe she believed that all of the goodwill she’d built up during South Dakota’s COVID revolt would protect her.

Whatever her reasons, the damage to her credibility by not defending girls’ sports has been done. And no amount of media tours or Title IX pep rallies will fix it.

There are some who want to give Noem the benefit of the doubt. Surely, she’s just sending back the bill to the legislature to “improve” it, they argue. But that’s not true either, attorneys say. The only thing her “style and form” changes do is take one of the weaker proposals on this issue and gut it completely.”

Last night Noem got similar treatment when she appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show.