ND Set To Force Ten Commandments Into Classrooms, Sponsor Claims It Will Help With Child Sex Trafficking

The Associated Press reports:

A proposal in North Dakota to shield schools and teachers from lawsuits arising from posting the Ten Commandments in classrooms is unconstitutional and would spur costly and unwinnable legal fights, attorneys and education officials told state lawmakers Wednesday.

Despite the cautionary advice, the House Judiciary Committee gave the legislation an 11-3 “do-pass” recommendation, hoping that a requirement that the Ten Commandments be included in a display with other historical documents would fend off legal challenges. The full House will consider the bill later.

The Grand Forks Herald reports:

Pitching Senate Bill 2308 on Wednesday, March 24, Sen. Janne Myrdal, R-Edinburgh, listed a litany of social ills — sex trafficking, child sex abuse and crowded jails — that she said could be remedied with displays of the Ten Commandments in North Dakota schools. She encouraged her colleagues to move the measure forward despite arguments that displays of the religious texts could offend those outside the Christian or Jewish traditions.

Charisma News reports:

Myrdal stated, “I would think murder is more offensive than, ‘Thou shall not kill.’ I would think theft is more offensive to all of us sitting here than, ‘Thou shall not steal.'” Further, Myrdal said, “No religion opposes the Ten Commandments—atheists do.” Myrdal explained that this isn’t a mandate. “It’s absolutely local control.”