Murdoch’s New York Post Backs Biden On Gun Control

From the editorial board of the New York Post:

President Joe Biden called Tuesday for Congress to move immediately to “ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.” It’s a start, though he’ll have to reach across party lines for real this time, since some Democrats are as anti-gun-control as the bulk of today’s GOP.

The New York Post does not see this as a conservative or liberal issue — it’s an issue of life and death. Curbing guns is what led to New York City’s three-decade reduction in murders.

And, sadly, it’s the dismissal of that progress that has led to a rise in shootings here. Outside the city, the toll of semi-automatic weapons is a sad litany of cities and schools: Newtown, Parkland, Aurora, Las Vegas. It’s a national shame.

Read the full editorial. Cultists are predictably going nuts on Twitter.