Mike Pompeo Unofficially Launches 2024 Bid In Iowa

The New York Times reports:

If there was ever any doubt of Mike Pompeo’s political ambitions, the former secretary of state put them to rest on Friday by becoming the first big-name Republican to meet with voters in Iowa this year and lay the groundwork for a possible presidential campaign.

Speaking near Des Moines in Urbandale, Iowa, Mr. Pompeo largely cast his remarks to the Westside Conservative Club as an effort to win a Republican majority in Congress in the 2022 midterm elections. But his breakfast speech was tinged with references to the presidential campaign in 2024 — a race that Mr. Pompeo has never denied eyeing.

Fox News reports:

As he spoke and took questions for over an hour at a breakfast hosted by the Westside Conservative Club in Urbandale, just west of the capital city of Des Moines, Pompeo said to applause that he and his wife decided that they “were going to make sure that the [Democrats’] total control of Washington, D.C. was as short-lived as humanly possible.”

“These elections in 2022 will have a real impact on how 2024 ultimately goes as well and it’s why I’m out here today. It’s why I’m going to continue to go out and campaign,” he emphasized. “If we get 2022 right, 2024 will solve itself.”