Lin Wood To Run For Chair Of South Carolina GOP

The Hill reports:

Lin Wood, the defamation and personal injury lawyer who took up former President Trump’s baseless accusations of election fraud, will run to lead the South Carolina Republican Party less than a month after moving to the Palmetto State from his home base in Georgia.

In an email late Sunday, Wood confirmed that he would seek to oust chairman Drew McKissick, who has run the South Carolina Republican Party since 2017.

Though he was born and raised in Georgia, he is under investigation for voter fraud in The Peach State after he told a reporter he had moved to South Carolina before November’s election.

Read the full article. A rabid QAnon devotee, Wood has said that Mike Pence should be executed for treason and that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts is involved in a ring of pedophile kidnappers. He is reportedly going to defend Sidney Powell in Dominion’s lawsuit.