Liberty Counsel: Send Us Money To Stop The Equality Act, Which Will Legalize “Queer Pedophilia And More”

Via email from hate group leader Mat Staver:

Years ago, when activists used words such as “tolerance” and “equality” for “sexual orientation” and “gender identity,” I warned that the goal was to erase Judeo-Christian values and morality. I warned this agenda included “same-sex” marriage, men in women’s facilities and pedophilia. And once accepted, there would be NO TOLERANCE for dissent.

Back then, gay and lesbian activists insisted they only wanted “equal treatment.” Those who dared speak out were labeled hysterical. Yet in 2021, LGBT & Q has invaded the sacrament of marriage, men are demanding to enter women’s private rooms and sports, and now the “Q” (standing for “Queer” in the Senate bill) includes pedophilia and more.

After years of adding new letters and rearranging them (putting L before G), the “Q” was added for “Questioning,” and now it means “Queer.” The “Q” now includes everything outside of LGBT—it includes all sexual paraphilias.

As we fight the “Equality Act,” we continue to defend pastors and churchgoers. We can only defend freedom because of your support.

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