Lawyer Larry Klayman Suspended From Practice In DC

Law & Crime reports:

A federal appeals court on Friday suspended attorney and activist Larry Klayman — the founder of conservative legal organization Judicial Watch — for representing clients on both sides of the same legal dispute with clear conflict of interest implications. In a harshly worded 13-page opinion penned by Judge David S. Tatel, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit imposed a reciprocal 90-day suspension on the Laura Loomer, George Zimmerman, and Joe Arpaio attorney, also referring Klayman’s case to the Committee on Grievances for recommendations “on whether further discipline is warranted.”

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I’ve been reporting on Klayman for so many years, I can’t even keep track of how many crackpots he has represented or the insane suits he has filed.

Perhaps most memorable is the time he stood outside the White House with a bullhorn and shouted for President Obama to “put down the Koran and come out with your hands up.” Klayman, you may recall, filed multiple birther lawsuits against Obama.

Last year a federal court dismissed his multi-billion dollar suit on behalf of Laura Loomer against Google, Apple, Twitter, and Facebook. He’s currently suing China for $20 billion for releasing COVID as a “bioweapon.”