Kirk Group Plans To Indoctrinate Kids With Trumpism

Religion News Service reports:

Turning Point USA, an advocacy organization founded by conservative Christian activist Charlie Kirk, has unveiled a new education initiative that promises an “America-first education” for educators and homeschool parents.

According to the group’s website, the new curricula is intended to counter unspecified educational materials that supposedly teach “America is fundamentally evil, that government is always the answer, and that the free-enterprise system is immoral.”

The website said the initiative, called Turning Point Academy, will release materials this fall for K-12 students that focus on “our founding principles, the Constitution, and economics” and will “provide their children and students with a reliable, honest, and quality America-first education.”

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Documented reports:

TPUSA did well financially during the Trump years. According to the group’s most recent tax filing from May 2020, the group’s revenue jumped from $10.8m up to $23.8m in just one year. Kirk made clear in his 2020 book, The MAGA Doctrine, that it was his relationship with the Trump family that enabled this boon in fundraising. “That connection helped spur the amazing growth of Turning Point USA over the past three years,” wrote Kirk.

Not too much is known about TPUSA’s donors, but Kirk did admit to Jane Mayer that some of those donors “are in the fossil-fuel space.” A Politico article in 2018 reported they had “just more than 400 officially registered chapters in high schools and colleges nationwide.” TPUSA now boasts of having more than 800 official groups. They also claim to have 250,000 student members, and more than 450 staff.