Journalists Attend $623 Anti-Vaccine “Boot Camp”

Canada’s CBC reports:

Sherri Tenpenny [photo], a Cleveland, Ohio-based osteopath and self-proclaimed grandmother of the anti-vaccination movement in the U.S., runs the six-week online course. She has hundreds of thousands of followers on social media and has appeared on popular far-right conspiracy podcasts, such as Infowars.

CBC journalists signed up for the $623 Mastering Vaccine Info Boot Camp to find out exactly what was being sold to her students. “My job is to teach the 400 of you in the class … so each one of you go out and teach 1,000,” she said, encouraging students to “practice in front of a mirror.”

“My job and your job and everybody else who does this, their job is to sow seeds,” she said in a separate YouTube video promoting the boot camp.

Read the full article. Brain damage ahead. The course includes worksheets to train responses when encountering people who believe in science. You’ll be shocked to learn that the anti-vax nutjob leading the class is also viciously anti-LGBT and has appeared on the webcasts of haters like Dave Daubenmire.