Jeff Sessions Now Sorry About Family Separations

Reuters reports:

Jeff Sessions, the top official behind former President Donald Trump’s “zero-tolerance” border strategy, says it was “unfortunate” that migrant children and parents were not reunited quickly after being split apart at the U.S.-Mexico border.

“It was unfortunate, very unfortunate, that somehow the government was not able to manage those children in a way that they could be reunited properly,” Sessions said. “It turned out to be more of a problem than I think any of us imagined it would be.”

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From an October 2020 New York Times report:

The attorney general at the time, Jeff Sessions, made it clear what Mr. Trump wanted on a conference call later that afternoon, according to a two-year inquiry by the Justice Department’s inspector general into Mr. Trump’s “zero tolerance” family separation policy.

“We need to take away children,” Mr. Sessions told the prosecutors, according to participants’ notes.  One added in shorthand: “If care about kids, don’t bring them in. Won’t give amnesty to people with kids.”