Insurrectionist Lawyer Leads Voter Suppression Push

The Associated Press reports:

Cleta Mitchell, a longtime Republican lawyer and advocate for conservative causes, was among the Trump advisers on a January phone call in which Trump asked Georgia election officials to “find” enough votes to declare him, and not Democrat Joe Biden, the winner of the battleground state.

Now Mitchell has taken the helm of two separate efforts to push for tighter state voting laws and to fight Democratic efforts to expand access to the ballot at the federal level. She is also advising state lawmakers crafting the voting restriction proposals. And, she said Friday, she is in regular contact with Trump.

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RELATED: Longtime JMG readers may recall Mitchell for her work with the anti-LGBTQ hate group NOM. In 2011, she caused infighting within the now-defunct homocon group GOProud when she spearheaded a movement to boycott CPAC over GOProud’s attendance. GOProud founder Chris Barron called her a “bigot,” prompting now-Fox News host Tammy Bruce to resign from the group. Barron then apologized. Of note, Mitchell appears to have a particular hatred for gay men because her first husband left her for another man. In 1992, Mitchell’s second husband was convicted on five felony counts of banking fraud.